Infs with the interest "music"

Ponte dos Brozos study Arteixo That is in Coruña 
Hi my name is danny i can be friendly and i can be mean. it depends what mood i'm in. If you make me mad i will hunt you down. P... 


Going to be Prime Minister someday! Is very intelligent and friendly. 


I am a student of Ponte dos Brozos School 
Copy of Avril 
Hello! I am Zeke, and it's nice to meet you. 
Skanina a.k.a. Sky, is a very moody girl. 
Marlee is a fun loving girl who loves to chat and talk about anything. 
I'm a small town girl in the big city for another few months. 
No description available 
Hey! I'm Sari. I'm pretty chill and laid back. I love joking around and just hanging out. :) 
I´m a crazy girl. I study at Ponte dos Brozos in Arteixo 
Very creative and artistic, but is very quiet and shy. 
No description available 
Scorpio Girl 
Music loving, Art loving, Writing loving, Coffee Drinking, Book reading, Jesus Loving, 16 year old. 
she is11 years old . she is very funny and friendly and clever student .she like dance write story and music . she write 2 s... 
I love music, especially rap and rock I love bacon and fudgge I love Paramore And VAmpires and werewolves-not twilight though... 
hey luv to party and have fun with my kanda rude but still fun 
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No description available