Infs with the interest "music"

peaceful and quiet, she makes a lot of friends 
Scarlett is the kind of girl who is often judged too quickly, based on her looks, who she hangs around with and her partying way... 
Shes a chocololic, very herself, musically addicted, WARNING:SMILES alot and VERY HYPER ACTIVE!!!! and she is very much ... 
Yes. It's me, Stacy ! Love me, hate me, tell something! C'mon ! 
Sarah is 18 and has taken a trip to Russia. She has now been a part of Human Trafficking. :o :( 
like to talk and dance, loves music and making new friends 
I'm a girl who loves music, writing, sports, the outdoors, friends, and fun! I have a twin brother, Ethan, who's also an Inf on ... 
Feel free to talk, am here for u. i will protect you 
Loves music and is always on the latest trends 
This is a sweet, romantic guy. He plays football and any other sport. He love music and writes songs for and about his beautiful... 
I'm pretty friendly but I might be considered a little sassy. 
Informative, Nice and Friendly - see what I did there? :-) 
This Inf likes Music/Art also cars! And as you can see she likes pink! She also has a boyfriend named Tank. 
jeff is super cool one day he wishes to be a celebrity he loves his shorts and he also loves music 
Kaley is an explorer. She is a calm type of person. She likes to go to new places she's never dreamed of. She never leaves witho... 
She's a doll isn't she? 
Loves space, technology, nature and the arts. 


No description available 
An American actress and pop singer. 
Iniesta is student Ponte Brozos 
she is 11 years old . she is very funny and friendly and clever student .she like dance write story and music . she write 2 ...