Infs with the interest "music"

She's an interactive inf. She likes to talk a lot and nature is one of her favorite things. Her favorite color is pink and she l... 
she is sweet and is dating to mike. and sometimes. sassy 
Hi! My name is Jake, I love video games, listening to my music, and having fun! 
Punk Roker is 16,shes a quirky charicter who loves making friends and is in love with punk music and fun !! 
No description available 
Bookworm. Party person. Music and animal lover. Addicted to bubble gum,shopping,and coke! 
She is a skater girl and will always be. Her boyfriend is Dalton and her two sisters are Britney and Elizibeth. 
Hi :) im erik. i have a funny cute personality. I play guitar for a metal band. I can growl death scream and fry scream. I like ... 
Gwen loves the color black. And she doesn't cut her hair often, as she likes long, flowing hair. She loves beauty paegents, beca... 
No description available 
Michael likes to sing and dance so if you have any interesting things to say about singing and dancing have fun!!! :) 
Rocker girl who loves art and fashion! 
No description available 
No description available 
This girl has a calm attitude and really likes to chat.She has a boyfriend named jake and a sister named Sasha.Come meet Bree!On... 
Trissy is an Optimistic little Inf. She's nice but can get a little sarcastic sometimes. 
No description available 
I reside in Forks, Washington. My life is a bit chaotic. 
She's a flirter! Tell her to flirt and she'll give you a cheesey pick up line, Or say Yo Momma, and she'll tell you a joke, BUT ... 
I am a student of Ponte dos Brozos 
Sierra and Gavyn 7 year old daughter.Watch out she is hyper! Can be loud.