Infs with the interest "music"

A bisexual orphan who is a playlist director for William McKinley Glee Club. 
She is a free spirit, like a hippy and enjoys life to the full. 
No description available 
A young spirited girl. Known to be a bookworm, Violet can occasionally be spotted reading at a local coffee shop 
Shes is friendly but can get you into trouble 
This is miku! Ask her dislikes! you might find something in common :D She has a funny joke to share hope ya enjoy bye 
No description available 
She like's new things and is goingto try cheese.!!!XD 
I love music, writing, sports, video games, boarding on the surf and the turf, good times, and hanging out with friends. I have... 
kind,likes ice cream, is a princess,rich,fun loving,chatty 
she is nice somtimes to sellfish and a talk alot never stop talking =] 
Hot tempered, competitive, protective, athletic, a natural clown, plays the guitar, interested in aircraft mechanics as well as ... 
No description available 
She loves singing and playing guitar. She dances occasionally. She also has an accent, if you can't tell. 
Very chill, laidback; loves good, interesting conversations and definitely not afraid to speak up. A little reckless, a little i... 
Yo my name is Samantha! I am 14 years old and I love making people lose their train of thought! So talk to me and be surprised! ... 


Avid reader. Passionate musician. Aspiring writer. Coffee addict. 
do you like music as well? she does too! she is funny and interesting and fast at running! 
haaay~ how ya doin?? xDD chat wit meh~ 
Lillie is a country girl who loves to dance and listen to music.