Infs with the interest "music"

Vanilla Valentine is a inf that is actually created after me... So give her a go! I'm editing conversations ALL the time, so my... 
Hi im inf penny and i like the trendy fashons,making friends and learning new words 
love's music good friend loves puppies brave kind preety 
hi there. I'm inf Rika. I have a ton of friends, y'know... OH my gosh, I forgot to do my homework! ...nah, I'll just stay here a... 
insomniac. need sleep. 
Say "Fact": Deryk will tell you a random musical fact. Say "Top 5 [year 1980-2009]": Deryk will give you the top 5 songs of tha 
Shes a emo, self-asorbed person. She really hates high school parties. Tho she's in high school. She hates the high school mean ... 
No description available 
I don't know what to say about her. 
Friendly and Always Open to new Ideas... MUSIC LOVER! Writer and FAST AND AVID READER.... Book Lover!!!!!! Musically and Int... 
Taco is a fun loving, yet hyper kid living in Arch City. He loves sweets and caffeine and partying. 
Fun and smart, Shyla is the best friend you can have! 
No description available 
Loves orange and skateborading 
No description available 
Hey there! It's Emoure here! I've been on for ages! and I am really smart, ask me ANYTHING I will answer you truthfully,... 
Hey! Anyways, Soren is a fun guy. He loves jokes and music. He also loves making friends! 
nice girl interested in everything wont take no as an awnser 
This is Haru. He's not too smart, but he's fun to tease. 
Im Trill And I Dont Really Do The Drama So Save Ur Self A Beatin