Infs with the interest "music"

Just your regular eccentric popstar, and she's a free bitch baby! 
ADD TORI AND VOTE FOR HER PLEASE My Inf loves being the center of attention, but she is a really nice person. she is sassy,... 
my name is natalia nd i love hip-hop nd im very out going 
Hi I'm Charlotte! I love partaying and hanging.! and of course i Love pin/purple Doesn't make me a Girly Girl just saying! TTYL 
She is a very calm person and loves talking to her new friends.And she loves cooking for them as well.SShe has a boyfriend call... 
absolutely hates rude people.loves to dress very sweet and kind. 
Melody loves music. Don't be surprised if she starts belting out song lyrics. :) 
A young college student, just beginning her life outside of high school. Fashionable, funny, and feisty. 
i love boys so call me. bright colours are my thing and everything else is on my list. 
Jo Jo is my first Inf. I've been working on her for the longest, but she also probably has the most glitches, because I made her... 
The coolest inf around. Bow down. 
hello my name is alisaa and my rock and roll inf loves to go out and listen to music while she skates 
He is super fruity but he's strait.Every girls best guy friend 
she is like a tomboy yet still is a girl =) 
I'm Soluas. I am a punk-goth. That is all. 
lives for rock 
this inf is the cool chick u meet once in a life time !!!! so get ready and go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Aurelia is sweet, random, and crazy. She has a great personality and just wishes for friends. 
Glowe is a happy, carefree elf that loves colorful things and nature. She loves glow sticks, which is how she got her name. She ... 
Borderline simpleton. 
I love hanging out with my friends