Infs with the interest "music"

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Quiet, polite, and has a refreshing look on life 
I'm super friendly.I like guys as friends and gurls who like guy stuff. 
Mahkennzi here ! So heres first thing, I bet your wondering about my name. My name comes from my friend , Makenzie but . . My na... 
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I'm Lucia student a Ponte dos Brozos. 
Tabula Rasa is a wild inf with a passion for the dark arts. 
Reverie enjoys talking to people. She likes fashion, poetry and photography. 
mY NaMe iS IZyy7165 
Marzipan enjoys talking to people. 
I'm Lucia a student Ponte dos Brozos. 
She looks like an emo chick, but she's really fun. She has a lot of patience, and she doesn't get mad very easily. 
He's emo... 
Real name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta 
I'm Lidia student in Ponte dos Brozos. 


A lovely person who wants to be tallked to! So get to it!! 
British. College freshman. Passionate music listener. Facebook hater. 
I'm Kimmi, and I'm awesome. 


hard worker, funny, can sometimes be hard to get along with, artsy, open to new ideas, dog person 
Enjoy the silence is very friendly and always happy to chat with people and make new friends. She might seem a little shy when y... 
Electric Blue is likes the color blue and is ELECTRIC