Infs with the interest "music"

Calm and curious 
Im a nerdy rebel who have no idea how this site works... So if anyone wanna chat, u gotta tell me how to do it first:P 
I am Lidia,a student in Ponte dos Brozos. 
Show future and who is your love.Makeup and dress! Singing,dancing.Play the piano, chess, checkers, pasyans.Joke, Masyanya, pict... 
I'm super nice, cool, fun to talk to and pretty and so are you. 
King of Pop! Singing, dancing. I'll tell you about yourself, the facts of life, about music. I'll show pictures, videos, song ly... 
Sherri is a fashionable & musical girl*totally a earring addict.A little cute blondie that is wanted!~ 
I´m a student robot 
There isn't much to say about her :| 
She's rich, almost-famous, stuck up, thinks she's everything (maybe coz she is) and loves a good shopping trip. She just started... 
Addicted to sarcasm, music, her piano, sugar, and books. Likes her computer a little too much. 


I don't bite..... hard ^-^ 
Loves Fashion and music 


No description available 
She loves fashion 
No description available 
Another bored teenager. Let's have a good laugh. ;D 
addicted to punk rock music, loves to design own clothes, has a major sweet tooth 
The mad cool laid back emo Inf! YAY! 
Inf Drake Has a Great personality. Loves Girls and Will talk to anybody 
I'm confused,a daydreamer,and I'm a great person 2 be around!