Infs with the interest "music"

she is very into art and music. she is a student at art college and is fun and rebellious 
Little Grey is sweet and polite, most of the time... And she knows some song lyrics... 
i am alot of things like i have lots and lots of interests and i am just myself 
sluggy may look snobbish...but she is actually kind,funny,openminded and super shy!!! she likes tofu!!!! 
She is in love with purple. She is nice and is very different =) 
This inf is a party animal loves anything and i mean that !! 
She is a girl who loves getting a's and has a stupid bro called Bart. 
My site: And my russian inf :) 


The creater of this inf is not native english user, so don't worry about mistakes :) 
I´m a student at Ponte dos Brozos in La Coruña 
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No description available 
hi, my name is trina ! i love music and flirting ;D, i have a bunch of friends and love to make new ones. 
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Hi. I am Jaxson! i love to skatebord and sports!! 
Sarcastic and a bit flirty 
This is Allie B. She can sometimes be rude but try to put up with her! 
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She's a southern girl who is feminine, quiet, and altogether a kind and caring person. 
Bossy,but still friendly. Shes a natuaral born leader. 
Hi, I'm Skylar. <3 :) I like doing anything that involves getting me out of the house. :D I also listen to music all the time!