Infs with the interest "music"



my inf look's like me 
Hi! Nice to meet everyone! Please chat! I love to talk. 
She loves pink so much. She is very girly! 
Love listening to music? well talk to music man! he can give you lots of top tips on music and which is the hottest 
She wants to be a vampire so she acts like one. She is very friendly =) 
she bites 
all about miii musicxz so dn t mess with me while my headphones and ipod is blsting ! im blazing allways 
Jennifer is just a 80's type of gal that also loves pink =) 
No description available 
Witty and smart, she keeps you on your toes. 
No description available 
Amethyst is an elf and she is curious about everything. Loves to chat, to learn and be friendly!!! ^^ 
No description available 
is a mom of 3 children and loves to sing on stage at church and loves life and god a happy inf ofcourse 
Hey, my name is Deala. But everyone calls me Black Magic. I love crows, and I would love to be your friend, but I gotta go play ... 
Emilie is a latina and loves to dance salsa!!! To pronounce her name is really easy. It is Emily but it is spelled different. D... 
She is evil, mean, and FRIENDLY!! She is like a devil and is totally awesome. 
No description available 
Sally is a really nice Inf , she love to listen music 
Names Clover. The Lucky WereCat. Something about me, you ask? I'm an up straight tell-you-how-it-is WereCat. Love the color Pink... 
Loves her motobike and never seen without her headphones. I jave just met the most perfect man called Meguro he is so cool!!!