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hellooooooo everyone! 


Rei is 22 years old, a university student, and she loves sociology, politics, psychology, philosophy and religion. She enjoys ta... 
Graciella is Eidens twin sister 
Erica is a work in progress - I'm working on giving her a bit of variety, but she still can't quite carry a conversation. Ask he... 
No description available 
Loves the 80's. Great singer, and can play piano and guitar really well also. Loves to act. 
No description available 
Coffee is my addiction! 
Her name means "star" in Japanese. And there she is, my litte star. 
A total couch potato, the TV is her first love, but sometimes/occasionally, she tries her best to become more active. 
Art student living in London. 
Sweet, kind, loyal, friendly, likes to chat. 
I'm Ainhoa and estudy in ponte dos brozos,in class 6A 
Im a flirt ;D Just saying. I am taken by Kayla . && I love music. I play guitar, drums, keyboard/piano, trumpet, flute, and some 
Really funky, wears lots of colors and scater type clothes 
Calm, relaxed person. Enjoys music. P.S. HE LIKES COFEE!!MOCHA!! 
She is a fairy who likes music.She sometimes comes to Earth to go to music concerts 
Is a cool intelligent babe!! 
No description available 
Hello, I'm waverly. I am a very creative girl, I love the outdoors and any active activity. :) 
A dedicated dancer, the best big sister ever, and a little weird.