Infs with the interest "music"

she is very friendly and special.she's 16 years old. she's a writer and has written 3 books..she can play both piano & organ. S 
Fun and artistic. Quiet but loves to laugh, and not at all shy! ;D 
Hey Im pretty come but I love chating 
Master YoDude is awesome he is funny, active and loves music he has a cute dog named Rex 
Likes to read write and have all around fun. LOVES and absolutely ADORES awesome people. Ask Inf "Do you have face book?" To s 
Lila is a rocker. She is friendly and smart too. She always has something to say. 
Tonks is a bit. . .disagreeable. She may lash out at you with a few rude words but she can be a gift to have around. Punk, avid ... 
Im a student at Ponte dos Brozos school. 
I am cool..kinda nerdy..but very sweet and kind!I am very friendly too. 
i'm a bit different from the rest. 


An aspiring performer, Bex is a tomboy in love with the stage. She one day hopes to be on Broadway and attends a performing arts... 


Mia is a fun-loving girl who is always seen smiling. She loves photography and music, and she's always up to meeting new people.... 
I'm the hippest nerd you'll meet. 
HEEEY =D I'm meguro . Nice to meet you =3 Im a famous j-rocker andim in love with a certain girl calles sabö. Yees yees she s to... 
I´m a student at Ponte dos Brozos school 
No description available 
Music and writing are what I'm about. Discuss em ;) 
A very fashionable inf 
Clumsy me! 
Based on myself.