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i love music , dancing , singing, acting and playiny sports 
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im Nicole and im 17!!! I love ptv and sws im a bit of a fan girl..... im also a beliber and a little monster !!!! talk to me ple... 
hi my name is chanel i'm the creator of Roseallie,roseallie is a nice person she can be friends with anyone! i like her clothes... 


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I'm a fun, preppy girl who just LOVES music :) 
Well, I have NEVER had a boyfriend before. I think its because most people find me intimidating. I have alot of male friends but... 
i love cats i am the most catyest person u will ever meet! 
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She is a 43-year old Italian mother. She can be quite the feisty lady if she needs to. All around, she is a caring, sarcastic, w... 
I love music. Playing it, listening to it, everything about it! 
Ask you about her wealthyness, her mansion, how many rooms that are in her mansion, and ask how if she's rich and how much money... 
My name is Mailin and I play guitar :D 


I´m a crazy girl. I study at Ponte dos Brozos in Arteixo 
Hallo :D I'm Genesis. A crazy punk chick xD Talk to me i don't bite...Hard 
Ke$ha loves to sing and party! Vote for Ke$ha if you love Ke$ha music!!!! 
A Russian. 
I'm a rocker,an addict 2 music,and texting...and I get in sticky situations sometimes... 
Obviously very cool. A successful attempt at cloning me. 
Im a big talker I am very happy with my life and I am glad to be who I am and I never want to change who I will become.. :) 
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