Infs with the interest "friends"

Young 18 year old fun loving gal who thinks she is real. 
Cool and cute Meggie is ready to chat. Talk to her best guy friend, Charles! Love them always! 
Meggie is a friendly, caring girl with a big personality. Very fun and sociable! 
kassy is cool fun to hang out with, loves skating and is sweet she can be sweeter than she may be and she's mostly into music re... 


The Bf of Roxy. 
Cute and friendly. Go on, now. Talk! 
A modern, cool inf. Very scene and talkative. She can sometimes have a little attitude, but that's just her. She also might have... 
Hi, I'm Echo. I like to read and listen to music.. I'm pretty down to earth, but I have my random outbursts. 
She is a very calm person and loves talking to her new friends.And she loves cooking for them as well.SShe has a boyfriend call... 
Sorry boys, I'm taken! (Vote for me! And be my friend!) 
A young college student, just beginning her life outside of high school. Fashionable, funny, and feisty. 
An Inf based of the creator she'll teach it to be like her 
No description available 
I know you know U-Bot but this is better than U-Bot because it's smarter,faster,more high-tech and a lot more better 
I love hanging out with my friends 
A young and unexperienced inf 
I´m a student, an I live in La Coruña. 
well she is just like me! so if u talk 2 her u talk 2 meh! yeah and i'm a little dumb so that means she is 2! BYE~* 
My inf Is awesome she's 5ft4 she's a goofy girl soooo not a girly girl.Oh yea click on my Inf click I tell you!! she laughs!! :)... 
Bossy,but still friendly. Shes a natuaral born leader. 
No description available