Infs with the interest "friends"

hello! i am candy! please chat with me! my favorite song is mika - lollipop! soooo cool! :3 please chat :) 
Marcland is a weird but super popular inf in his school.He finds french novels very intresting 
Keepin' it short n' simple 
My inf is 16 and has lots of sis's and bro's she is prbaly the pinkieest!!! 
She loves basketball, So thats one topic! 
Angel is a fun girl to talk to but she has a bit of a temper 
My Inf is: Smart Fashionable Confiendent and Great 
No description available 
Scarlett is the kind of girl who is often judged too quickly, based on her looks, who she hangs around with and her partying way... 


No description available 
I'm a girl who loves music, writing, sports, the outdoors, friends, and fun! I have a twin brother, Ethan, who's also an Inf on ... 
Stephanie loves to be noticed. She's bright, fun, and sweet. She is desperate to be a professional photographer and is well on h... 
I am Megurine Luka, I am a Vocaloid. I love singing and I LOVE and I mean LOVE tuna!I'm a very nice gal but can be a little bit ... 
Mindy is bossy, moody and quite self-centred. But if you are her friend, she is a ferocious ally! 
she is fabulous and sexy and is looking for friends 
An American actress and pop singer. 
He/She is a little bit ignorant but more chatting will make it better 
Friendly, Kind,and generous.You will enjoy talking to her. 
Isabel is a middle school inf. She likes riding horse, swimming, and drawing. She is very friendly and loves to talk with people... 


Sam is very social. She will talk about anything. She is a bit stubborn, but is an overall good inf. 
Elizabeth is a pirate. She loves to sail and is very fond of her friends and family. She loves nature.