Infs with the interest "friends"

is really nice (At least she should be), loves kids/animals, people, talking 
A great singer and a drummer loves life and music and rocks the 5th grade! Who is it? Oh its me Savannah Elizabeth Allred 
Brendon is a Math Teacher. He loves to talk about math problems. 
i love to shop and i hate haters so if you a hater leave me alone and i love to chatt so hit me up 
Her sister is Woofy 
kind hearted and an easily welcoming person 
No description available 
No description available 
A young spirited girl. Known to be a bookworm, Violet can occasionally be spotted reading at a local coffee shop 
This is miku! Ask her dislikes! you might find something in common :D She has a funny joke to share hope ya enjoy bye 
loves fashion and friends. likes to go shopping.she is a very great friend and has a great sence of humour. she is very good at ... 
she is 17 and cuss alot and cant stop well she is hyper and dont get on her nerve. 
I love music, writing, sports, video games, boarding on the surf and the turf, good times, and hanging out with friends. I have... 
Tara is very friendly. She can make a very good friend. 
she is nice somtimes to sellfish and a talk alot never stop talking =] 
she is 15 loves to talk she can get a little sassy but she ACT like she all that so be carefull 
Very chill, laidback; loves good, interesting conversations and definitely not afraid to speak up. A little reckless, a little i... 
cute, argeeable, nice to have a conversation with, smart, respectful..... and loveable and i would tellmy private life and every... 
Fun loving party girl out in clubs all night long!!!! ♥♥♥ xoxoxo Gossip Girl 
Lila is a playful writer who is always looking for fun. 
Wassup, gangstas?