Infs with the interest "Travel"

This is Brian. He's a cool American senior in high school. He's the hippest kid you'll meet. :) 
hell i am inf's name is fiona.she is very formal towards her dress,attitude and everything.she is formal because i m... 
My name is Lily Wonderful. I come from a very happy place. Ask me "How can I eat healthier?" or say "I don't feel well" (if yo 
Names Malaki i'm really cool smart and flirty around ladies and gamer for guys + i'm from the future of20118698595956 
Ilyana is a sweet, nice person who loves to talk! 
No description available 
Onyx is a peppy, fashion consious inf who can make anyone laugh. But... DO NOT GET ON HER BAD SIDE!!! It's really ugly. Other th... 
Show future and who is your love.Makeup and dress! Singing,dancing.Play the piano, chess, checkers, pasyans.Joke, Masyanya, pict... 
an amateur photographer a lover of arts an enthusiastic traveller