Infs with the interest "Chocolate"

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Mika is a fun loving, smart girl. She likes cats, the colors pink and blue and she enjoys music. 
I´m a student, an I live in La Coruña. 
Hola! Me llamo Carlota. Soy de España. Me gusta andar en bicicleta, el canto, la danza española. Mis comidas favoritas son la pa... 
Dani likes reading, art (especially drawing), writing, photography, singing, and chocolate! :) Please excuse her if the things s... 
A little cheekyness is to be expected, but on the whole, I'm a good kid! (NOT) 
Shes a chocololic, very herself, musically addicted, WARNING:SMILES alot and VERY HYPER ACTIVE!!!! and she is very much ... 
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Eddi is a 12 year old dancer who loves france, cupcakes and cats 
loves being in the spotlight and is naturally the centre of attention no matter what the situations is 
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Has a girlfriend named peyton 
very friendly, will be friends with anybody. 
Linda's husband, Alice, Cassidy, and Meadow's father, he's a business man and works as a lawyer. He loves little Alice and Meado... 
Im Pebz I love shopping but most of all i love chocolate. Talk to me and I will tell you horoscopes and much 
Bloo is a Facebook addict. Apart from her love of Facebooking, she also enjoys hanging out with her friends and partying! She's ... 
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No description available 
I'm a student, I love photography and music. I can sing and I love taking pictures. I bring my camera everywhere I go! 
She likes to look tough but it is actualy a nice and caring person. Her look upon life is "If you get hit, hit back!"