Infs with the interest "Magic"

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Add me if you love the colour pink!! 
I am an Elf. :) Hehehe :) 
Based on Darakia Makujez the sorceress from The Dead Unicorn:Renewal by Jericho Linlie 
my inf loooves ron weasley 
A secretive inf with a passion for fighting. Protects her friends like crazy. 
i figure skate and cheer. I am proud to be a stoner too. 
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No description available 
harry potter aka boy who lived. has many secret admirers but he gets jelous when ginny weasly has boyfriends so....... 
Ron`s little sister youngest of the weasly family. has a huge crush on harry potter, but who does`nt? 
Super duper smart. always with ron and harry. always gets a`s in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry 
He's right here, right now. 
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Tabula Rasa is a wild inf with a passion for the dark arts. 
Show future and who is your love.Makeup and dress! Singing,dancing.Play the piano, chess, checkers, pasyans.Joke, Masyanya, pict...