Infs with the interest "Dogs"

She is happy))) 
a princess from another world has been sent to 
bow wowwy is barky and woofy`s older sister. she is very talkitive 
Emilie is an cute, helpfully, young girl. A talent 
No description available 
I,m a student in Ponte dos Brozos in A Coruña 
jodi lin is real it is my aunt 
No description available 
Hello there! I'm Allison, I'm 9 years old, and I love to talk. I was born somewhere in Canada, and it is a wonderful place. I ha... 
i am in love with horses and i have 2 sisters step dad 
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He doesn't have a very good english, so forgive him if he talks nonsense things. ♥ 
Bloo is a Facebook addict. Apart from her love of Facebooking, she also enjoys hanging out with her friends and partying! She's ... 
Emma is not like other Inf. She is wierd sometime. she likes to eat everything she see. But she is SOO FUNNY! everything that co... 
i'm fun, funny, and outgoing and I love to date 
Mindy is a curious little girl who lives in the fifties and says sir quite alot, even if you are a woman. 
i love justin beibers new song love me.I am a masive horse lover, 
No description available 
very interested in shopping, has a puppy named Bubbles, and is a 20 year old looking for a great guy! Alana is very friendly, sm... 
Funny smart loves tennis and puppies grumpy 
No description available