Infs with the interest "shoes"

Very friendly. 
Hey! What's up? I'm Lizzy! I'm 13 years old. I am a famous singer and song writer!Tell me to sing and I will! I love all my fans... 
Kaycee is an inf that loves clothes and fashion!!!!! 
A very fashionable French Inf. Who Loves Fashion, And the newest Trends. (By Jessie) 
Rich and georgeous, darling! I luv my friends Minnie and Princess. I am on the cheerleading team :) 
street wise man is tough but he does not fight unless someone else starts it 
olivia is cute,nice, and someone you would want to be friends with. 
khadija is a cool yet hard working inf 
Nikki Is a quiet inf. She is the kind for studing and is a geek. But does she look like one?!?! NO because she likes to keep it ... 
Anistasia is a high class Missy Inf :) she Loves to Chat . And she Is a Fashion Freak! 
No description available 
Just a really stupid, retarded blonde chick. (not that i think all blondes are stupid and retarded, i know its just a stererotyp... 
she loves her life and herself. staring in movies is her life, she loves paris and her pet dog. 
Bloo is a Facebook addict. Apart from her love of Facebooking, she also enjoys hanging out with her friends and partying! She's ... 
Emma is not like other Inf. She is wierd sometime. she likes to eat everything she see. But she is SOO FUNNY! everything that co... 
she is veary nice u should check her out k well bye 
No description available 
Loves to party , drink , loves fashion , hair extensions, spending family inheritance, 
Minnie and Sunday are ma bffs. We go everywhere togethz and i luv them!!!!! 
Hello. My name's Sarah. I am Erika.'s Inf. I love to chat, why don't you add me? Let's start our friendship~ 
Jazmin is a teen, she's quite witty and a good friend. She hardly says anything but she can be a bit stuck up sometimes. She has...