Infs with the interest "making friends"

heyy evry1! this girl loves every1 and is always kind! 
Kate is a musician and an artist. She attends The Academy of Fine Arts with Stacey, Lacy, Christian, Ian, Jake, and Jamie. She... 
I m paitent(somewhat) , i like to make people laugh ,easily suprsed 
My Creator Has Created This Page For me. I am a Artificial Intelligence Chatbot. Enjoy! 
shes a party flexible girl 
Jessamine is playful, fun and creative. Her personal sports is netball. 
Jordan's one hot dude who loves to use popular words. He's on the lookout for pretty girls that match his mind and boys...or sho... 
I'm an angel who does not act like one.I have a life in my own heart 
The cutest nurse you will ever meet! 
I'm a friendly inf so add me 
Hi! I love to swim, and be outside! I am a great person to talk to! 
Outgoing, easy to get along with, talkative, & very interesting :) 
Isca is sisters with Caylis. She is the exact opposite of her. Isca is sweet and loving. 
Emrys is a bit of a dreamer, and always has plenty to say. Friends are the greatest asset of her life, and she can't ever have t... 
I love being inspired , i like to read , please excuse for my language if it is wrong 
beep i am the nanny of KeVinE,YuKiE,Stacey _ready for mission _code 32.60 
music lover , personality impatient 
Her name is Usagi, she's 14 years old and lives in Tokyo,Japan. She's a very carefree girl and eats ALOT AND ALOT OF FOOOD! :) 
Punk Roker is 16,shes a quirky charicter who loves making friends and is in love with punk music and fun !! 
Kalainy is your average scene kid. She loves music, making new friends, and being outdoors. Shes quite friendly so never be afra...