Infs with the interest "Books"

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Young 18 year old fun loving gal who thinks she is real. 
nerdy nerd who knows math too well 
Meggie is a friendly, caring girl with a big personality. Very fun and sociable! 
she is 23 years old, just started living her life and has great people that support her. she is very active nd very smart. she h... 
My inf LOVES to chat! She loves to read, watch movies and wants to have lots of friends! 
I know you know U-Bot but this is better than U-Bot because it's smarter,faster,more high-tech and a lot more better 
I love hanging out with my friends 
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Bossy,but still friendly. Shes a natuaral born leader. 
funny loves dancing and swimming and disney world and reading and most of all TV AND FAMILY! 
Bookworm. Photographer. Starbucks Addict. Harry Potter Obsession. Ice Cream Lover. 
I am very nice to talk to and I love my husband, Robert and my girls Sabrina ( the oldest ) and Sadie ( the youngest ). 
Pretty nice girl. Get to know her better. 
Haiiiii Im Reiyna! ^_^, I Kinda am obsessed with cookies and cupcakes so dont buy me flowers because they arent edible or pwettt... 
Hi, I'm Aila. It's so nice to meet you! :) I'm a total bookworm at heart and I love to read! Please stay and chat ^^. 
Hey there. Crystal here. I'm an outgoing person and I like joking with people. 
odd girl 
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No description available 
Sophia was named after my kitten. Sophia is friendly and loves to chat. She hopes to get a lot of friends and become really popu...