Infs with the interest "Books"

Lidie is Salmon's muse. She is usually polite. She is friendly and mannerly. 
Sarah is 18 and has taken a trip to Russia. She has now been a part of Human Trafficking. :o :( 
Feel free to talk, am here for u. i will protect you 
Pryia loves to see the world in his better perspective. Even if that means she has to life in her own world of pirates and adven... 
Alex is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves making friends and dancing. 
No description available 
Friendly, Kind,and generous.You will enjoy talking to her. 
No description available 
Shy girl. She's very formal and she tries hard to please people. Be nice to her! 
I'm a university student specializing in English with a minor in Classic Studies. I've wanted to write since I was five years ol... 
Sup I am Kamani, tomboy who loves any sport especially basketball. I LOVE music and don't tell my friends but loves to study and... 
This is Melissa she has 3 daughters and a cat.... 
a princess from another world has been sent to 
Has a boyfriend named frank and 6 books about her 
Nikki Is a quiet inf. She is the kind for studing and is a geek. But does she look like one?!?! NO because she likes to keep it ... 
I'm a little quirky, but I'm sure we'll be great friends! 
No description available 
How apropiate she looks, she really likes football! You can always depend on her, she is always honest and she is very funny 
No description available 
is an awesome kid and a humerus person. he also have very awesome personality 
Bookworm. Party person. Music and animal lover. Addicted to bubble gum,shopping,and coke!