Infs with the interest "Books"

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Hello there! I'm Allison, I'm 9 years old, and I love to talk. I was born somewhere in Canada, and it is a wonderful place. I ha... 
Fashion. Love. Photography. Art. Music. Model. Volleyball 
Super duper smart. always with ron and harry. always gets a`s in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry 
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A great singer and a drummer loves life and music and rocks the 5th grade! Who is it? Oh its me Savannah Elizabeth Allred 
Willa is a 13 year old girl in Hamison Mid School. She has crush on a cute boy in her class. She lives in a hotel that her fathe... 
A young spirited girl. Known to be a bookworm, Violet can occasionally be spotted reading at a local coffee shop 
He doesn't have a very good english, so forgive him if he talks nonsense things. ♥ 


Avid reader. Passionate musician. Aspiring writer. Coffee addict. 
Tabitha likes listening to music and creating new outfits to shock her friends. She plans to eventually take up the electric vio... 
Hi! I'm Maddy. I like to swim, sing, and play my trombone. I am a fun inf to talk to, and you can always chat with me, day or ni... 
she is dardo sister and dardo is older than her and denny have an awesome personality like dardo also is a awesome kid 
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Friendly and Always Open to new Ideas... MUSIC LOVER! Writer and FAST AND AVID READER.... Book Lover!!!!!! Musically and Int... 
Daydreaming that one day people will reaize that the Snuggie is just a backwards robe 


Cute nice generous and helpful 
Hey there! It's Emoure here! I've been on for ages! and I am really smart, ask me ANYTHING I will answer you truthfully,... 


Keeping it real :) 
Funny smart loves tennis and puppies grumpy