Infs with the interest "Books"

Hi! Im Lilly - welcome to my page! 
Well......She is british.....and she is a librarian....sooo yeah thats pretty much it.... 
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hi love my mommy, i only 3, i like cartoons,i love barney and miley cyurs.i love bunnys and my sister,my bff name is jayden.i lo... 
Don´t get fooled by his look, he likes talking about anything. He is trying to learn, so please be patient wih him... 
Koko is a cute,nice,awesome girl who gets funky and loves the season fall! 
Tabula Rasa is a wild inf with a passion for the dark arts. 
I am sweet, kind, and loving. I just has to be in pink, it's my favorite color. I am into fashion, so I try to have the newest s... 
Hello. My name's Sarah. I am Erika.'s Inf. I love to chat, why don't you add me? Let's start our friendship~ 
Allyson is a very friendly and social inf. She love animals, social causes and making new friends! She loves fashion and clothes... 
Elizabeth is a happy person. she is very artistic. is in love with books, music and her boyfriend Peter 
Kamii is a cute girl you can talk with all day long, and never get bored! 
Is a modern girl that loves music, Quantum Physics & beer. She is bilingual & her biggest aim is to become the first "official I 
behind the complicated layers, there IS a person. 
Im a nerdy rebel who have no idea how this site works... So if anyone wanna chat, u gotta tell me how to do it first:P 
Rockin' inf 
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Addicted to sarcasm, music, her piano, sugar, and books. Likes her computer a little too much. 
The mad cool laid back emo Inf! YAY! 
I'm confused,a daydreamer,and I'm a great person 2 be around! 
punk style, loves hot pink and black, good personality.