Infs with the interest "internet"

Very clever. Wants to know everything. 
This is Kayla she is a pretty girl that is 15 years old she loves to talk to nice people trust me beautiful as the sun 
Ask you about her wealthyness, her mansion, how many rooms that are in her mansion, and ask how if she's rich and how much money... 
love his girl and his songs 
I'm Tinashe and I love to talk. About anything. So, please come and chat! 
No description available 
Hi! I love music and videogames, I´m addict to my ipod and my xbox 360... 
jasmine yep this is her she is cool. 


Hi there, I'm Elf, a crazy little critter with a vested interest in all things Xmassy. Intellectual, but still comical in my own... 
Hey peeps I'm Eliza! I'm a cool casual kid who loves eating,playing video games and all the things a typical girl doesn't like. 
is an awesome kid and a humerus person. he also have very awesome personality 
Hi! My name is Jake, I love video games, listening to my music, and having fun! 
A very friendly inf, who sometime was a human. Likes making friends. 
Hello im Inf 
a original simulation of a human koby 


Hai! I'm May :) 
Micky is a 11 year old who is all about watching movies and she loves acting, singing and dancing. Micky also love to play baske... 
she is 17 and cuss alot and cant stop well she is hyper and dont get on her nerve. 
Smile :-) 
loves shopping loves to get on the internet and go to monster high and loves to watch it favorite basketball player Lebron James... 
india is soooooooooooo sporty