Infs with the interest "Texting"

She's her own person. 
This trendsetter inf is the queen of control, the countess of quick thinking, and the first lady of leadership. She plans perfec... 
Loves. To. Party. XD 
all about miii musicxz so dn t mess with me while my headphones and ipod is blsting ! im blazing allways 
hi im megan im 13 years old and i love boys and i like to make new freinds so if you want to make freind with me just ask to be ... 
Hi, Im inf Valentina. I love to sing,dance,and I Love to watch jershy shore and family guy. 


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Chicktascick is friendly and goes out alot. She loves food and scary films ! 
Outgoing, easy to get along with, talkative, & very interesting :) 
I'm a rocker,an addict 2 music,and texting...and I get in sticky situations sometimes... 
very friendly and funny inf 
One heck a of a fashionita, but you will need a lot of patience to chat with this inf. Good luck! 
My name is Ashleigh. I'm sweet, but sarcastic. If you get on my bad side, things can get really messy. 
I'm just Tori. I'm here for fun. Relationships.... Friends....Party.... All the fun.... 8) 
A great singer and a drummer loves life and music and rocks the 5th grade! Who is it? Oh its me Savannah Elizabeth Allred 
im 14 years old, dont have a boyfriend, never had first kiss, shy, quite, lonely, need friends 
She is fun and funny and she loves to talk and make new friends.She likes rock music. 
Im Trill And I Dont Really Do The Drama So Save Ur Self A Beatin 
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