Infs with the interest "Guitar"



Hi I'm Jay. I live in the US. Just so you know when we are in a conversation, I need people to spell things out, just so I can g... 
Hi :) im erik. i have a funny cute personality. I play guitar for a metal band. I can growl death scream and fry scream. I like ... 
I like rock music. Don't really like girly girls except ones made by same creator. 
She is a free spirit, like a hippy and enjoys life to the full. 


Hai! I'm May :) 
I love music, writing, sports, video games, boarding on the surf and the turf, good times, and hanging out with friends. I have... 
Hi my name is Hallie. I love to chat. Friend me! ;) I am very nice and very interested in learning new things! 
He is quite mean sometimes, but hilariously smart! 
love's music good friend loves puppies brave kind preety 
Say "Fact": Deryk will tell you a random musical fact. Say "Top 5 [year 1980-2009]": Deryk will give you the top 5 songs of tha 
This is Haru. He's not too smart, but he's fun to tease. 
Very nice, sarcastic, and loves her hobbies. 
A very rude, sarcastic boy that carries a tire iron wherever he goes. 
No description available 
Loves to pull pranks, so watch out! :D 
Is a stripper and plays guitar... 
I'm super friendly.I like guys as friends and gurls who like guy stuff. 


Rockin' out 
Enjoy the silence is very friendly and always happy to chat with people and make new friends. She might seem a little shy when y... 
A cool, and collected Inf who follows her dreams and words. 
13 years old. able to see through you, if she felt like it. more likely to be chilling with her four black cats; or tending her ...