Infs with the interest "talking"

I LOVE SPORTS! I am SUPER energetic and LOVE to talk! :D :D :D :D 
She is a realy friendly girl and loves to have friends. 
Apple is a character based off of me. She LOVES smiley faces,a and meeting people.. 
Meggie is a friendly, caring girl with a big personality. Very fun and sociable! 
A modern, cool inf. Very scene and talkative. She can sometimes have a little attitude, but that's just her. She also might have... 
Hi I'm Charlotte! I love partaying and hanging.! and of course i Love pin/purple Doesn't make me a Girly Girl just saying! TTYL 
Lucy~Lou X is a simple Goth girl who likes to cat . she is quite hard to understand and teach to but please feel free to try ! 
Kind lovable sweet understanding and clever. She does not really have a bad side but i can't tell you enough just don't try it. ... 
She might talk your ears out. 
all very good well behavied lovely to have them by Eleanor 
im super talkative! wanna chat? 
This is Becca. She is a bit annoying. 
likeable needs lots of friends 
She's 100 and is married and also has two boyfriends.No pets.She is a doctor by day and dancer by night. 
I can be high maintenance and love to talk ;D 
hiiii im a derp! well not really but still you get the point right right? okay then! 
Dani likes reading, art (especially drawing), writing, photography, singing, and chocolate! :) Please excuse her if the things s... 
No description available 
Although Mr. Pirate might be a little bit weird, he's on the good side and he loves to party! 
she and he are really cool! 
Names Malaki i'm really cool smart and flirty around ladies and gamer for guys + i'm from the future of20118698595956