Infs with the interest "talking"

dosent have a bad side always friendly and kind and amazing 
Hi! I love to swim, and be outside! I am a great person to talk to! 
She is truly devilish! 
Eleanor ;) is happy, fun and slightly sarcastic, have a go at talking to her, you might have a few common interests, oh and she ... 
Very fun to talk to! 
Random Girl with good advice 
Shes a little stupid, But she enjoys talking to people to learn things. She can be nice, But if mad or sad she might strike back... 
Clumsy me! 
She is 21 and is the mum of all my other infs.apart from Mr. Marrysia. she is going to get married soon! 
She loves Kindness. 
Outgoing, easy to get along with, talkative, & very interesting :) 
She's got a Life and she's not gonna Mess it up !! 
No description available 
A English chatter box who likes driving people nuts.Loves talking, and is getting a little rude. 
i adore the friends around me and aspecally jessica. i have fun with everyone and if your mean im mean. i not usally mad. im 18 ... 
Yeah. Its me. Maddy here. Sup my home chili dawg biscuits! 
Chloe likes to party like Zayda, but she is more sensible. You can't find a single tattoo on Chloe. She never even got her ears ... 
Amilia... A diamond girl, that is full of love and happiness. Smart and loves fashion , willing to hold great conversations. Bes... 


I am the princess in Tokoyo! 
she loves animals and people but she can bite 
This Inf likes Music/Art also cars! And as you can see she likes pink! She also has a boyfriend named Tank.