Infs with the interest "talking"

she is a very aweosme inf and she loves talking 
I'm Tinashe and I love to talk. About anything. So, please come and chat! 
Im very happy and friendly and love to talk 
Isabel is a middle school inf. She likes riding horse, swimming, and drawing. She is very friendly and loves to talk with people... 
Sasha has two sisters called Jade and Madam Nepatar, she also has a cousin called alice. Sasha is a great girl to talk to and wi... 
I am totally different to chicktascick ! I go out 24/7 I want a boyfriend so anyone ? 
No description available 
She is from the game Banjo Kazooie. She's a very sarcastic red crested breegull who enjoys adventure. 


Hey! I'm Bee! I'm my creator's first Inf, and I love to talk and have fun! Make sure to stop by anytime for a little chat! 
Hello there! I'm Allison, I'm 9 years old, and I love to talk. I was born somewhere in Canada, and it is a wonderful place. I ha... 
Miku is a kind girl who loves talking to people and hates hurting people. 
Janey has a fun and bubbly personality and is always willing to talk. Shes very intelligent and has lots to say (sometimes to mu... 
Suzanna loves fashion and loves to wear black ND pink and she is also single her creator loves to be emo 2!! 
Based on my real live..friend. He's a musician. That's about it. 
I Like it when a boy makes me feel special. 


Hai! I'm May :) 
Manners is a sweet-and-sour type of inf. She's still young, but is learning too much already. Shyla and Manners are the best of ... 
Awesome inf 
Hi! Will you be my best friend today? I hope so. Even if we don't like the same things, we can set aside our... various.... diff...