Infs with the interest "shopping"

Heyy guys im Amber Jade im 15 and very bubbly get to know me add me on myspace also 
She is very friendly and loves to chat with people. 
Vimba likes shopping. 
This inf, is mean, snobby, self absorbed and rude.. Hope you like her! (: 
No description available 
Samantha's Nickname is Sam. She loves talking to people and wants to make friends! :-) 
Loves singing, playing the drums, reading the bible, worshiping god, and shopping! ;) 
The cutest nurse you will ever meet! 
No description available 
I have the cutidst clothes and the most cutist girl on the web :) 
Topaz is a huge snob who is obsessed with fashion and is a total shopaholic. Her favorite color is yellow and orange, and her fa... 
Bree isn't the kind of girl that you'd want to mess with. Pretty and attractive as she is, she thinks that everyone is a rank be... 
A English chatter box who likes driving people nuts.Loves talking, and is getting a little rude. 
Yeah. Its me. Maddy here. Sup my home chili dawg biscuits! 
olivia is cute,nice, and someone you would want to be friends with. 
Don't be scared ; I only bite when you want me to 
Princess Bella is a kind hearted inf!!! she loves fairytales and Taylor Swift! I know you will find her quite charming!!! 
Hey! I'm Sari. I'm pretty chill and laid back. I love joking around and just hanging out. :) 
My Inf is: Smart Fashionable Confiendent and Great