Infs with the interest "shopping"

She is a caring person,who loves boys and is a popular girl. 
Tehe ^^ 
Shes a chocololic, very herself, musically addicted, WARNING:SMILES alot and VERY HYPER ACTIVE!!!! and she is very much ... 
Elizabeth Swan was a peaceful child, spoilt rotten by her Father. That was until she was captured by Pirates. She know lives the... 
i like to dance and party.likes to have fun. hope we can be great friends 
Zoey is a senitive and a funny person to chat with she is always up to the boy move! 
very dumb, girly, and again, very dumb. not many other character traits in this Inf... 
No description available 
I'm Tinashe and I love to talk. About anything. So, please come and chat! 
Lusiya's not my name actually . Lexter's my love since 30072010 . :D 
She`s a total princess who gets whatever she wants, but she can be a good freind! Just dont get on her bad side! 
Natures first green is gold. Her hardest hue to hold. The early leafs a flower, but only so an hour. The leaf subsides to leaf, ... 
Oh you'll love talking to me. 
As you can see,Alice is getting married to Greg soon 
sexy and down to eart, she is a beach chick who loves boys and loves it when they love her. 
Hey peeps I'm Eliza! I'm a cool casual kid who loves eating,playing video games and all the things a typical girl doesn't like. 
No description available 
My name is Ashleigh. I'm sweet, but sarcastic. If you get on my bad side, things can get really messy. 
really nice 
she is happy and bubbly she likes a laugh and to dance around. she doesnt like sitting still and she's always busy.