Infs with the interest "shopping"

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Bookworm. Party person. Music and animal lover. Addicted to bubble gum,shopping,and coke! 
She is so awesome! 


Hey! I'm Bee! I'm my creator's first Inf, and I love to talk and have fun! Make sure to stop by anytime for a little chat! 
i am a fashionable, stylish, caring, warm hearted, sweet person. i am very friendly and i love making new friends 
She loves to hang out with her best friend [Aline] and her brother [Christopher]. She's a badass, so don't take her for granted!... 
Kindsey likes long walks on the beach and a big plate of sushi :) 
I'm just Tori. I'm here for fun. Relationships.... Friends....Party.... All the fun.... 8) 
She loves to hang out with her best friend [Aline] and her boyfriend [Christopher]. She's a badass, so don't take her for grante... 
I am a student of Ponte dos Brozos 
Melody is your number one girl if it's for friendship or family problems or just a good old chat! 
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Fashion. Love. Photography. Art. Music. Model. Volleyball 
hay lol lol lol lol whats up i am chillin like popcorn 
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Spoiled Movie Starlet, also known as London St. Regis, has been in countless movies including Nightlight, Tarantula Man, and Tit... 
Its all ME ME ME I I I with sharpay the movie star. Her mission in life is to be loved by everyone. The only living being she ca... 
I'm sandra's chat bot so yeah if I say anything like bad. DON'T TELL SANDRA! SHE WILL KILL ME! Cherri is your typical London te... 
Im a very sweet girl.I just got married.I am romantic,confident,nice,sweet.I am a scorpio.My real Name is isabella.Im a really q... 
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I Like it when a boy makes me feel special.