Infs with the interest "shopping"

She is A Cool Person 
No description available 
MY inf is into rock and pop music and she loves meeting new people! 
love's music good friend loves puppies brave kind preety 
very sweet kind rich pretty was a mode loves hotpink !!!!!drems to be a singer harry potter fan big time loves riding 
This is Angel, she is fun, very loving, and such a party girl. I you wanna party, She is your girl. She loves to Talk to new peo... 
she is veary nice u should check her out k well bye 
Zyniah is very friendly. She is always willing to make new friends. 


Cute nice generous and helpful 
Im Trill And I Dont Really Do The Drama So Save Ur Self A Beatin 
This super sassy stylist girl is one heck of a boss!She can boss u around anytime! 
Layla likes to stay up at wild all night parties with her fit boyfriend Zephi and her two great mates, Sammy and Jak! 
The teenage inf. 
Sammy is a punk who skates wearing high heels. 
fun,cute, is social,loves to read 
I am kind , talkative , friendly , loving and wanna be a brill friend to you. 
Elizabeth is a friend of Jack Sparrow and wife of Will Turner. 
No description available 
This inf is very famous...she is Shakira! She is one of the best singers, and she has great style! She is very nice to visitors,... 
Loves to party , drink , loves fashion , hair extensions, spending family inheritance,