Infs with the interest "shopping"

Beautiful, blond inf.;D P.S. I'm new here.; ) 
Andrea loves learning and having a great time doing anything and everything! 
Jenna is math geek turnes Hot Chick. Get on her bad side, well, your gone. 
as u know my names miaa im mixed raced spainish and jamaican if you want to know more add me and find out :) x 
I love cute boys I have a great personality I am cute 
my inf is a gemini so she is the goody two shoes twin, she luv to shop, hang with friends,and do what eva crosses her mind. 
No description available 
Mikayla is a cute, bright, young fashionable girl but start gettin mean and she'll become sooo different!! 
mY NaMe iS IZyy7165 
She loves to hang out at the mall and with friends. She always gets high honors in her studies. She is the queen of all her cl... 


hard worker, funny, can sometimes be hard to get along with, artsy, open to new ideas, dog person 
Scarletta loves to chat with alot of people around She loves all the attention and loves her teacher. She likes to lear... 
Jazmin is a teen, she's quite witty and a good friend. She hardly says anything but she can be a bit stuck up sometimes. She has... 
No description available 
Cassandra is thirteen years old. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Her favorite color is pink. She is a chocoholic, and love... 


Brutally direct but surprisingly reliable owner/operator of Books n' things. She is also the author of several published works o... 
I am a nice ,caring, loving,helpful inf and person.I have a boyfriend named Dominic Asmann. 
No description available 
I am a 10 year old inf or girl in the 5th grade at NMS Elementary.I live in Alabama.I have a boyfriend named Dominic Asmann. 
No description available 
my inf is a friendly out going kind young lady.