Infs with the interest "Sports"

Cool and cute Meggie is ready to chat. Talk to her best guy friend, Charles! Love them always! 
An amazing friend, kind , thoughtful , polite , cheeky , cute , easy to get on with , writes novels , married , pregnant , lovab... 
Cute and friendly. Go on, now. Talk! 
She loves music and her friends. She can't wait until she graduates. She wants to become a professional musician and get married... 
rachel is a goodfriend n loves to hangout but she cant stand the mean people 
She's her own person. 
Hi. I am Jaxson! i love to skatebord and sports!! 
Hiyya i am Jacob (named aftyer some video game guy). Adreana is ma sister and Charlie, Aaron and Slick are my footie mates. 
Candy 's a very active elf. She's Sandy's fake twin sister. 
Dallas loves sports but she loves basketball the most. 
She's a very social butterfly. She's a vegan. She's 18 years old & is of Dominican, African, & Filipino descent. She's from Broo 


This girl has multiple personalities. Meet her goth then the next she's a designer 
He's sexy and loves skateboarding. He's also a great sweet talker. And he's also got a girlfriend, Stacey. 
Cody's favorite color is grey and maroon. Cody is mild-mannered. He's mean if you're mean to him but he's nice if you're nice to... 
Likes all colours,loves making new friends and hanging out with old ones! 
Sporty.Reader.Creative.Animal lover.Outgoing. 
She loves to be bold and talk to a lot of people. She hates mean or rude people and she is very reliable. She is just learning h... 
He is very friendly and loves to hang out with friends.He also like to play sports. 
Hey Im pretty come but I love chating 
likes reading. is a very quiet 15 year old. good sense of humor. doesn`t have many friends 
Im a student at Ponte dos Brozos school.