Infs with the interest "acting"

yo i think im soo awesome dat i broke lolade's heart yeah 
Rocsie is an outstanding inf who loves acting someday she hopes 2become an actress o and she loves attention 
ADD TORI AND VOTE FOR HER PLEASE My Inf loves being the center of attention, but she is a really nice person. she is sassy,... 
im funny loyal smart a good friend and i love $$$$$ 
Chloe is nice, friendly, and if you be her friend, she will try her best to let the friendship last forever long! 
You mean the world to me, even though you might be crazy... 
Heeey, I'm Nicole! I love to have fun! and singing is my life! 
No description available 
Bella is a happy outgoing bff to everyone! 
i love to talk talk to me! 
Um well...Micky is...a girl :) 
Shakira is very down to earth and always finds the best things about life. She found her inner self and she loves life. =) 
Eiden is Graciella's twin sister 
Graciella is Eidens twin sister 
Loves the 80's. Great singer, and can play piano and guitar really well also. Loves to act. 


An aspiring performer, Bex is a tomboy in love with the stage. She one day hopes to be on Broadway and attends a performing arts... 


cute girl. Loves English and the Arts. can be a slut if u want her to be. or can have a real convo 
No description available 
I am a Fashionista/Fasion designer and I am very friendly. Be my friend and inspire me to create different designs! I am british... 
funny smart cute 
actor, played willy wonka in charlie and the chocolate factory and the mad hatter in alice in wonderland