Infs with the interest "acting"

She's kind of a dumb blonde, but she's learning. 
Very creative and artistic, but is very quiet and shy. 
My Inf is: Smart Fashionable Confiendent and Great 
Loves space, technology, nature and the arts. 
loves being in the spotlight and is naturally the centre of attention no matter what the situations is 
Hi i'm Gemini, i love movies and riddles. If you want the answer to one of my riddles, type : CUCUMBER!! - and i will tell your ... 
No description available 
I like to be glamorous I like anything really i don't care what anybody thinks about me! 
No description available 
Its all ME ME ME I I I with sharpay the movie star. Her mission in life is to be loved by everyone. The only living being she ca... 
if you watch glee than you know who quinn is 
if you watch glee than you know who mercedes is 
very happy and friendly 
Hi i'm Shakira, i love sports and my zodiac is "scorpio" which means my birthday is on the 15th november. Dont click on me and i 
Im a great singer. i love to act. ive been in commercials. I dont like stuckup people. and im veryyy energetic lol 
Hi my name is Hallie. I love to chat. Friend me! ;) I am very nice and very interested in learning new things! 
this is my friend chloe! shes very perky, and smart. shes vegan. she likes reading and she absouslutly loves the warrirors serie... 
No description available 
Singing is a passion, and that passion, is mine. 
He is quite mean sometimes, but hilariously smart!