Infs with the interest "drawing"

Loves space, technology, nature and the arts. 
Likes a lot of random things, is nice to anyone who is nice to her. 
Amazing,Outstanding,Courageous,Kind,and very thoughtful not a dense person 
Its an Inf. 
i love drawing 
No description available 
Isabel is a middle school inf. She likes riding horse, swimming, and drawing. She is very friendly and loves to talk with people... 
Vivian is a tough, headstrong girl in her 2nd year of bording school. She won't hesitate to beat up anyone who messes with her. ... 
Emrys is a bit of a dreamer, and always has plenty to say. Friends are the greatest asset of her life, and she can't ever have t... 
Music,Friends,Life. ♥ 
i figure skate and cheer. I am proud to be a stoner too. 
No description available 
Passionate educator, avid reader & creative person. 
I'm Alanna! I am willing to be friends with almost anyone :) 
is an awesome kid and a humerus person. he also have very awesome personality 
She's an interactive inf. She likes to talk a lot and nature is one of her favorite things. Her favorite color is pink and she l... 
I love new people x 
The best way out, is always through. 
She is so awesome! 
Juniper is an elf that lives in the Enchanted Forest. Her brother Joesph is amazing. 
Fashion. Love. Photography. Art. Music. Model. Volleyball