Infs with the interest "Vampires"

Strong-willed and doesn't mind what others say about her :) She enjoys reading novels and listening to her rock music. 
Just like his name (React) He reacts to everything. Weather its a song or a funeral you can count on React to React on something... 
you thought 8th grade was tough? Well try it with fangs and a fear of garlic Vlad has a crush on Meredeth 
Goth who models for dress up games 
She wants to be a vampire so she acts like one. She is very friendly =) 
Born Armani Senori Illana Banes on March 29, 1992, im the younger twin sister of Rai Arica Illana Banes by 3 minutes and 8 secon... 
Juliet is desprate will go out with anyone and is always encouraged by marissa 
Kiba is a gentle goth boy. He wears his individuality like a shield. 
I love music, especially rap and rock I love bacon and fudgge I love Paramore And VAmpires and werewolves-not twilight though... 
I am smart, nice, but I have a mean side. I'm a little gothic punk that has a weird personality, and easy to talk with. 
He hates werewolves so if you hate him he'll call you a werewolf 
Tabula Rasa is a wild inf with a passion for the dark arts. 
me a super flying ninja vampire kitty with lazer vision that is also part wolf and has a pet tiki man!!!!~ fear me!!!! and fea... 
Ashley is EPIC and FUN and EMO and loves SCREAMO and her faveorite band is SLEEPING WITH SIRENS! 
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