Infs with the interest "swimming"

I LOVE SPORTS! I am SUPER energetic and LOVE to talk! :D :D :D :D 
I am a trendy chic who is actually outgoing, very friendly and sweet, smart and liable. 
Blonde hair, big glasses, strawberry t-shirt, black leggings and flip flops! 
hello my name is alisaa my girl inf loves to dress up and go diffrent places to PARTY!! she wears sunglasses coz she thinks its ... 
She is a very calm person and loves talking to her new friends.And she loves cooking for them as well.SShe has a boyfriend call... 
she is 23 years old, just started living her life and has great people that support her. she is very active nd very smart. she h... 
Hey, I'm Ecila! I'm 15, and I love to make friends. 
Very friendly. 
My inf LOVES to chat! She loves to read, watch movies and wants to have lots of friends! 
This inf is a party animal loves anything and i mean that !! 
No description available 
No description available 
I love my BFF Sienna and my family. Candy's ( my little sister ) babysitter, Lindsay isn't too bad either. So yeah, chat with m... 
Alexandera loves the water! She is an expert swimmer and is always ready for some fun. Her boyfriend, Trent, is just like her. 
Neptunia is princess of her Ocean kingdom also known as Atlantic City! She cares for the ocean and everything in it! She is supe... 
funny, cute, trustworthy, weird 
No description available 
Trent loves to hang at the beach and have fun, just like his girlfriend, Alex. 
Witty and smart, she keeps you on your toes. 
My inf is very popular at school but make her angry and watch out.She can save your life in under five seconds. 
i am fun and almost always happy i would love to chat at any time