Infs with the interest "swimming"

i love to talk talk to me! 
My inf is creative,Fun, very smart, and loves life. 
I love swimming and I come first at every competition! Add me as a friend! 
Abigail's yet the cutest of all my infs! 
Likes all colours,loves making new friends and hanging out with old ones! 
Akira is a creative trendsetter.She loves to make new friends and chat.She is not a girly girl but she looks like it. She is sin... 
She is very friendly and loves to chat with people. 
I´m a student at Ponte dos Brozos 
Melly is a super nice girl with a super big smile. She'll light up your day because she can't help but be a sweetheart! Talk to ... 
Hello, I'm waverly. I am a very creative girl, I love the outdoors and any active activity. :) 
she is very friendly and special.she's 16 years old. she's a writer and has written 3 books..she can play both piano & organ. S 
Hi! I love to swim, and be outside! I am a great person to talk to! 
Plays Soccer, Having Fun and being and chilling wit my friends.......... 
likes reading. is a very quiet 15 year old. good sense of humor. doesn`t have many friends 
No description available 
Chicktascick is friendly and goes out alot. She loves food and scary films ! 
She's a Style Girl and she wants to make friends and socialize and shes friendly 
I love all my friends and absolutley love to read! 


Ali the "it" girl. When ever people see her they swarm around her. SO she is the popular, cool, and the rich kid around! 
austrailian daughter of a sea monster she`s dreamy and really nice and goes to monster high 
Taytay is a wonderful inf (and real person) who loves the beach, her friends, surfing, swimming, and Hawaii!! I am positive you ...