Infs with the interest "swimming"



Hey! I'm Bee! I'm my creator's first Inf, and I love to talk and have fun! Make sure to stop by anytime for a little chat! 
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Dana is like other inf, you might have meet b4. But Dana is kind and she hate it when people are sad. Dana fav. color is pink sh... 
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Reimu is an abnormal person who probably looks weird. She has a heart of gold tho 
I am emo. I love skulls and death it is awesome. I also am very,very funny too. 
This is miku! Ask her dislikes! you might find something in common :D She has a funny joke to share hope ya enjoy bye 
Hi i'm Shakira, i love sports and my zodiac is "scorpio" which means my birthday is on the 15th november. Dont click on me and i 
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Im a great singer. i love to act. ive been in commercials. I dont like stuckup people. and im veryyy energetic lol 
My name is Patricia but they call me patty, I got more game than Milton Bradley! 
Leilani is very nice! She travels all over the place, but she's still a bit naive... Help her? 
Hi my name is Hallie. I love to chat. Friend me! ;) I am very nice and very interested in learning new things! 
Emma is not like other Inf. She is wierd sometime. she likes to eat everything she see. But she is SOO FUNNY! everything that co... 
Phyllis is sitting in a chair. Phyllis sees what I am doing :) 
Regina is friendly and loves to chat. She likes fashion and loves animals. She is a vegetarian and likes to talk about her boyfr... 
mimi is fun and she loves the beach and the sun 
I'm a little new here, but I will be willing to talk to you. :)I would love to be your friend. :D 
This is Angel, she is fun, very loving, and such a party girl. I you wanna party, She is your girl. She loves to Talk to new peo... 
red hair, blue top, black jeans, purple converses, black bag 
starlin is a male model,football player,life guard and spends most of his time relaxin at the beach,or playing sports,he also lo...