Infs with the interest "Basketball"

Rocsie is an outstanding inf who loves acting someday she hopes 2become an actress o and she loves attention 
I m paitent(somewhat) , i like to make people laugh ,easily suprsed 
HI im a fashionable girl single and free and loves sports 
This trendsetter inf is the queen of control, the countess of quick thinking, and the first lady of leadership. She plans perfec... 
She is a 13 year old girl who has a boyfriend called Noah. She is a new-born vampire and is always hungry and loves to feed on h... 
I´m a student, an I live in La Coruña. 
My inf Is awesome she's 5ft4 she's a goofy girl soooo not a girly girl.Oh yea click on my Inf click I tell you!! she laughs!! :)... 
Dallas loves sports but she loves basketball the most. 
No description available 
I have pictures but their on my meez media box so if you want to see them my name there is xxmizz_jazzixx 
Hi, my name is Ginger. I love playing sports and painting. I love meeting new people. My cell is 254-721-7715. 
No description available 
do i know you? i am the coolest cat out there. everyone knows me yo. legit. 
Um well...Micky is...a girl :) 
Love's to sing and play guitar has a lot of fun with music and art. 
She likes to have her own style, and not follow everyone else's style. She is her own person. She doesn't like to be told what t... 
Eiden is Graciella's twin sister 
Graciella is Eidens twin sister 
Coffee is my addiction! 
Is a cool intelligent babe!! 
I´m a student at Ponte dos Brozos school