Infs with the interest "Basketball"

I'm a student at "Ponte dos Brozos" 


I love to do sports and hang out. I'm a goth, as you can see and i'm captain of my wrestling team 
Ponte dos Brozos study Arteixo That is in Coruña 
Hey! I'm Sari. I'm pretty chill and laid back. I love joking around and just hanging out. :) 
Very creative and artistic, but is very quiet and shy. 
She loves basketball, So thats one topic! 
Sarah is 18 and has taken a trip to Russia. She has now been a part of Human Trafficking. :o :( 
Jett is one of Sarah Hill's boyfriends. He doesnt know she has another one. :o 
Iniesta is student Ponte Brozos 


Hi I'm Jay. I live in the US. Just so you know when we are in a conversation, I need people to spell things out, just so I can g... 
Sup I am Kamani, tomboy who loves any sport especially basketball. I LOVE music and don't tell my friends but loves to study and... 
Emrys is a bit of a dreamer, and always has plenty to say. Friends are the greatest asset of her life, and she can't ever have t... 
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I,m a student in Ponte dos Brozos in A Coruña 
Fallon likes juice, candy, and coffee. She wishes she was born with wings and gills. She is still waiting for the day when she w... 
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He loves to hang out with his sister [Aline] and his girlfriend [Aline's BFF, Aline]. He's a badass, so don't take him for grant...