Infs with the interest "Basketball"

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Maria is a total complete tomboy!I bet boys would REALLY like Maria! 
Micky is a 11 year old who is all about watching movies and she loves acting, singing and dancing. Micky also love to play baske... 
she is 17 and cuss alot and cant stop well she is hyper and dont get on her nerve. 
Hi i'm Shakira, i love sports and my zodiac is "scorpio" which means my birthday is on the 15th november. Dont click on me and i 
she is 15 loves to talk she can get a little sassy but she ACT like she all that so be carefull 
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He is quite mean sometimes, but hilariously smart! 
starlin is a male model,football player,life guard and spends most of his time relaxin at the beach,or playing sports,he also lo... 
I´m a robot student 
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I ´m student in PONTE DOS BROZOS 
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I´m Marco.Is a boy. 


i am 15 and i like orlando bloom he is my favortite and most of the day i go shoping and plsying basketball 
This is Little Timmy! He's an adorable little kid ... but he can get annoying. Really annoying. Please talk to him, he's almost ... 
I am a nice ,caring, loving,helpful inf and person.I have a boyfriend named Dominic Asmann. 
Ella likes reading, writing, singing, drawing. She's a very nice inf and enjoys chatting, she is very clever and could be consid... 
I am a 10 year old inf or girl in the 5th grade at NMS Elementary.I live in Alabama.I have a boyfriend named Dominic Asmann. 
Is nice, talented, grew up on the streets, can be mean sometimes,and is not afraid of anyone