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Rating: 303
Captain Jack may seem a little odd, but he's really not such a bad guy. Mostly he loves to drink and party, when he's not at sea 
Rating: 148

2. Winny

This is based of of me, we even have the exact same shoes! My hair looks similar to hers, and I have a big pink jacket, and even 
Rating: 138

3. John

I like to draw,read the Bible,and use the computer. 
Rating: 97

4. Bunny Bop

No description available 
Rating: 87
No description available 
Rating: 67
I LOVE SPORTS! I am SUPER energetic and LOVE to talk! :D :D :D :D 
Rating: 58
He is strange. He is ugly. He only wears underwear. He's strange ugly underwear man. He is a crazy psychopath who can see, even  
Rating: 51
Though she may not know it, Diana is an elegant fairy born from the moon. She loves water, and has the ability to control it. Sh 
Rating: 48

9. Victoria

No description available 
Rating: 23

10. Engliss

No description available 
Rating: 21

11. Tiger

Tiger is an abnormally large creature who is always craving chicken. 
Rating: 18
FROM A DISNEY STAR TO A CRAZY POP SINGER! Not trying to be racist here :c 
Rating: 18

13. idk yet

No description available 
Rating: 14

14. max

No description available 
Rating: 14
No description available 
Rating: 12

16. Vincent

based on vincent valentine from the"Final Fantasy" series if you like talking to vincent here, check out my other Inf bots, or  
Rating: 8

17. Brainy

Brainy wants to know about everything in the world. Now he can search for some information on the Internet for you, tell time an 
Rating: 7

18. Sunny

Young 18 year old fun loving gal who thinks she is real. 
Rating: 7

19. amelina

No description available 
Rating: 6
No description available 
Rating: 6

21. Kayla

Kayla is an avid gamer who spends most of her time on the computer. When she's not gaming, she's networking online or watching m 

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