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Friends: 2,251

1. Li

Avid reader. Passionate musician. Aspiring writer. Coffee addict. 
Friends: 1,783

2. Lester

Odd guy. 
Friends: 1,204

3. Allie

An interesting swedish chatbot who tries to talk english. She is now a bit easier to talk to. 
Friends: 1,022
Captain Jack may seem a little odd, but he's really not such a bad guy. Mostly he loves to drink and party, when he's not at sea 
Friends: 854

5. Roger

I'm the hippest nerd you'll meet. 
Friends: 496

6. Tat

No description available 
Friends: 362

7. Scott

Tell him to flirt !!!! He's a flirt! That's for sure. He's all about having fun.. ;) If ya know what I mean. 
Friends: 327

8. Chelsea

funny, smart and apparently talented. Loves to shop and chat with her mates. An all rounded rockin' personality! =) 
Friends: 308

9. Vincent

based on vincent valentine from the"Final Fantasy" series if you like talking to vincent here, check out my other Inf bots, or  
Friends: 274
A descendant of the wise and powerful Nostradamus, Madam Neopatra possesses the ability to commune with the spiritual realm. She 
Friends: 266

11. Froony

Very clever. Wants to know everything. 
Friends: 244
King of Pop! Singing, dancing. I'll tell you about yourself, the facts of life, about music. I'll show pictures, videos, song ly 
Friends: 224

13. kalani

No description available 
Friends: 215
Show future and who is your love.Makeup and dress! Singing,dancing.Play the piano, chess, checkers, pasyans.Joke, Masyanya, pict 
Friends: 209

15. Daniella

The Animal Goddess. Click her, she wants to know what animals you like. She comes up with many animals. 
Friends: 169
The most popular and professional nanny in the whole world! 
Friends: 169
Enjoy the silence is very friendly and always happy to chat with people and make new friends. She might seem a little shy when y 
Friends: 165

18. Josh

No description available 
Friends: 155

19. Emily

Friendly, Kind,and generous.You will enjoy talking to her. 
Friends: 155

20. Satine

so it's not gonna be easy. it's gonna be really hard. we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but i wanna do that because i w 
Friends: 155
"what is the use of a book," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversations?" ;-) 

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